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Hat’s off to Pilotto

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. It’s almost a month since I began interning at Peter Pilotto and in that ‘very long’ time I’ve banked a family that I’ve had to slowly let go of but have gained so much knowledge that I will take to my grave. My current 6am bed time (as prescribed by my body clock) has already been worth it. I began writing this post atop bus number 35 on the way to the studio (and I’ve recently become aware of how time flies when you’re atop bus number 35 writing a post on the way to the studio… )

I feel honored to have taken part in the Pilotto AW14 collection. Being able to experience the making of something so beautiful and seeing the work that goes into every detail is something I think every design genuis wannabe should experience. The collection I felt, was very bold and quite gorgeous. Working in the studio, I could see the influence of both Peter’s print history and Chrostopher’s architectural background infused within the collection.

The entire collection can be viewed here but below are a few of my favorite looks from the show.

At the moment I’m swimming in the creative juices within the Pilotto studio continuing my internship and after the build up to the runway show and showroom, I have to raise my hat to every person who worked tirelessly on that collection. To Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos who have created this beautiful brand that explores the marrying of architecture and print. To the design, embroidery, print and fabrication team whose beautiful work is evidenced in the collection itself. To the pattern makers, pattern cutters, seamstresses and tailors whose precision and accuracy physically created puzzle pieces which sewed together to create beautiful garments. To every person working in the studio to keep things under control and get work done, liasing with other departments and working till ungodly hours. Last but certainly not least to the studio eye Nike whose eye was  fixed on everything. I don’t think theres another being like her out there. The fashion industry is notable for rude and disrespectful people which sometimes boils down to the fact that those people are stressed, but despite everything going on Nike always had a cool head. She was always mannerable and respectful and for someone whose eye had to be on everything, thats a big accomplishment.

Many would have pulled their hair out…or someone else’s so a special hats off to Nike for refraining from physical abuse during those very stressful long hours.

So…that’s what I wanted to say really… but I was told that I had to put in this post that I saw Anna Wintour…So here goes…I saw Anna Wintour. No biggie. This was my view of her as I was standing right beside the photographer backstage at the show. ‘Shrug’ it was pretty chilled.




Cloud of Resources


The ‘no complain campaign‘ continues with my less than amused attitude towards listening to people complain about things that just shouldn’t be complained about and complaining about just anything at all that doesn’t float their boat. People spend so much time complaining than just getting on with things. Quite depressing.

One example of this is illustrated by one of the complains that I’m privy to hearing quite often at school. This is the absolute disgust and hatred for the school system and for LCF itself. I must admit that I too have blurted a few sentences in support to the cause of ‘down with lcf and it’s lame lack of facilities’ and a string of other causes like it’s ‘expensive fees coupled with the feeling of not getting enough’. I have however come to terms with this fact and moved on simply because there’s just no point in complaining when the act itself is preventing your progression. Complaining also has a side effect of forcing you to focus on the negative sides of any situation and take it from a seasoned pessimist, this clouds your perspective thus making it hard to see posibilities.

There’s always a cloud of resources hovering above your head but most people will never be able to recognize that it’s there and some will be able to recognize it but will be incapable of accessing it. One quality of these hovering resources which remains constant is that they will always remain hovering. They will never come to you, instead you have to reach out and take them with your own efforts. Another problem that may come with these types of resources is that they may not stay above you but may come and go. You have to be proactive enough to recognize them while they’re there and grab them before they float off and become a rabbit or a banana. 

Whether this lack of proactivity is being caused by holding on to complains which encourage focus an idealised situation or simply because of procastination, one thing’s certain, there’s always opportunities for you if you’re open enough to see them.

Muse: Angelina Jolie

A muse is someone who serves as a means of artistic inspiration. It would come as no surprise that Angelina Jolie with her goddess-like features, mature beauty and confidence, has inspired many a creatives including myself. Her inspiration though goes way beyond her physical attributes. Angelina’s heart is what interests me most.

She’s recently been awarded with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and her speech will probably reduce you to tears if you’re not careful (brad went in unarmed and got teary). In under 5 minutes and with just a few words, she proved to us the essence of her being and the reason she is who she is. I can’t shake the feeling however that this is how we all should be, but then that’s bordering on asking too much of humanity.

In her speach she says “nothing would mean anything if I didnt live a life of use to others” which only serves as a reminder of the fact that selflessness is desireable and her humility and genuine heart is something I aspire towards in my own line of work. 

Pharrell Williams: Bionic Yarn


Pharrell Williams… You’ve done it again. And by it, I mean you’ve added another reason to the “why we love pharrell’ list.

His interconnected brain and heart is one that inspires me immensely and I do wish that someday I might be as great a man as he is. Something that I think we should all strive to be, simply because he aims to make the world a better place. He doesn’t just talk about it in a hypothetical manner, but he understands that nothing will get done if we all just tip toe around the problem expecting someone to provide us with an alternative. Also because his humility is desireable stating “I just do what I do, it’s not something to be revered as something that’s great”.

In case you weren’t briefed, he is a part of a company called Bionic Yarn which basically makes fabric from recycled plastic bottled. The company has collaborated with brands like Timberland, Moncler and Gap and recycled over 1.7 million plastic bottles from their project with Timberland alone.  The company was founded by highschool classmates Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs who both devised this practical way to be resourceful. Neither of them had formal training in textiles or engineering, which goes to show that if you’ve got a vision for something, only your lack of action will prevent it from happening.

Ghesquière Heading Vuitton

Ghesquiere at Vuitton!?

Are you kidding me? This is the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life. And now that it’s happened, my stomach is pretty much forever filled.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am a happy camper. I died reading his emotional confession of his stifling at Balenciaga (I was emotional, not him) and to see him stepping into this role of Creative Cirector at Louise Vuitton Womenswear after Marc stepped down could not make me any happier.

I’m not one to get excited very easily, but the thought of him bringing his aesthetic to the house picking up where Marc left off has definitely sparked my excitement fuse. It shall prove most interesting to see the combination of aesthetics.

I just pray he’ll get the freedom he needs as a creative king.