Muse: Angelina Jolie

by jawaraalleyne

A muse is someone who serves as a means of artistic inspiration. It would come as no surprise that Angelina Jolie with her goddess-like features, mature beauty and confidence, has inspired many a creatives including myself. Her inspiration though goes way beyond her physical attributes. Angelina’s heart is what interests me most.

She’s recently been awarded with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and her speech will probably reduce you to tears if you’re not careful (brad went in unarmed and got teary). In under 5 minutes and with just a few words, she proved to us the essence of her being and the reason she is who she is. I can’t shake the feeling however that this is how we all should be, but then that’s bordering on asking too much of humanity.

In her speach she says “nothing would mean anything if I didnt live a life of use to others” which only serves as a reminder of the fact that selflessness is desireable and her humility and genuine heart is something I aspire towards in my own line of work.