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Heartbreak At Miu Miu

This film by Miu Miu starring Gabrielle Union will touch your fashion heart in all the right places. It has quickly become one of my favorite fashion films not only because of the awesome jazz music but because of the story it tells.

Heartbreak is tough and something that pretty much most of us has to deal with at some point in out lives. Sometimes even on a daily basis. This film takes a completely different take on fashion in that it emphasises emotion instead of clothing.

For me I love heroes and women are such a bunch of modern day heroes. This inspires me to do what I want to do, because they’re out there saving the world one flick of a skirt tail at a time.


No Sleep For The Wicked

I’ve got a problem and I think I know what it is. Insomnia. Yes my friends I definitely do. There are numerous types of insomnia. Mine fall under the ‘difficulty going to sleep category’, as well as the ‘staying awake for so long that you feel refreshed even though your body have not had enough sleep’ category.

This is a chronic problem and I don’t know why but I absolutely hate going to sleep. It’s almost a phobia. There’s something innate that prevents me from going to sleep at nights. Sometimes even when I’m not doing anything I just stand around delaying the act of physically going into my bed. I might need to see a doctor… but I don’t want sleeping pills, I’m too young for that and quite frankly I’m just not about that life. Hell to the no.

Some of the causes of Insomnia are stress, anxiety, depression and schitzofrenia. Sounds like an acurate discription of myself. Especially the stress. I find that I’m pretty good at hiding stress. Most times I even fool myself into thinking that I’m not. Oh well, what can you do? (Hashtag Uni Life)

Now the problem with me now is that after it passes a certain time, It makes no sense for me to even attempt sleeping anymore since I have to rise so early in the morning and I can’t afford ot be late. So I’m up, watching Avatar the Legends of Korra and writing my essay.

On the bright side, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be so tired that I’ll actually manage to go to bed on time.

Pardon My French | Jamaican Restaraunt

Just stumbled upon these incredibly adorable fashionistas eating in Paris at a Jamaican restaraunt called Miss Lily’s. So lovely to hear them talk about familiar foods (ie. Jerk Chicken) from my home country.

Garance Dore, fashion blogger and illustrator invited a few friends; the beautiful Caroline Issa, Erin Beatty from Suno and Laure Heriard Dubreuil from the coveteur for lunch during fashion week. I wonder how she went about choosing that restaraunt. Who know’s, but I’d definitely love to go there on my expedidion to france.

Google On Marketing

The genius that is google. I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with google’s ads, you know the ones that always disturb your videos before they play on youtube… yea, those ones.

Google is one company that understands that the internet is everything , which is expected since google is the internet.

The google marketing campaign is simple. Make tonnes of videos and put them on youtube and television. Their ads are captivating, cute, hilarious and sometimes emotional. Maybe I’m just a sucker, but I could sit and watch chrome ads all day …on the contrary that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Going through an emotional rollercoaster Jess and her dad and that cute baby …DAMN YOU GOOGLE!

The purpose of these ads are simple. To keep google chrome at the forefront of your mind and almost make it a part of your very existance. This I can say have been exectued effetively. I rank it highly on the campaign charts as it’s a constant reel of excitement about their brand.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

Similarly, like google, fashion brands must be able to use the channels where their customers are frequenting. This is what Alexander Wang did when he shot an ad campaign for his Spring 2013 collection. Using famed comedian character ‘Bon Qui Qui” who rose to fame from her spoof on MAD TV.

Many brands understand the importance of the internet age and are formatting their campaigns to encompass this medium. What are some interesting brand campaigns that stood out to you?

Analysis: Marketing Campaign

What is a marketing campaign and what differentiates the awesome effective ones from the ones that crash and burn?

Before I could actually decipher what makes or breaks a marketing campaign I have to put the term into context. What exactly is a marketing campaign? I almost get the feeling that this term is quite ambiguous depending on the way you view marketing. Since the world is changing and technology with is, the meaning of a marketing campaign I feel have broadened to encompass more than just on screen and print marketing. Developements without a doubt mean that campaigns are more than just advertisement.

According to this snazzy small business definitions website called, a marketing campaign is ‘a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods.’ Therefore, a marketing campaign could literally be anything  used to market a product. Cool.

The most effective campaigns are the ones which recognize the change in marketing channels and exploit them in order to touch consumers, both existing and new.

I asked a few friends what they thought constitutes a good marketing campaign and some of the answers I got were:

– proper distribution to your target audience

– one in which your sales increase

– one that engages you and makes you think

– ensures that your intended message is communicated effectively and interpreted correctly

– increases targeted traffic

– one which strengthens your brand

– has a cat in it (or catbug I’d want him in my campaign any day)

I’m not an expert on marketing (yet) but I feel like all marketing campaigns are relative to the purpose the company intends. Therefore, the success of a campaign would be relative to the purpose intended.

No campaign has a recipe for success simply because all the ingredients and the desired outcome of each brand differ. What works for one may not work for the other.  The succes of a campaign would end up depending on the creative heads behind it.