Cloud of Resources

by jawaraalleyne


The ‘no complain campaign‘ continues with my less than amused attitude towards listening to people complain about things that just shouldn’t be complained about and complaining about just anything at all that doesn’t float their boat. People spend so much time complaining than just getting on with things. Quite depressing.

One example of this is illustrated by one of the complains that I’m privy to hearing quite often at school. This is the absolute disgust and hatred for the school system and for LCF itself. I must admit that I too have blurted a few sentences in support to the cause of ‘down with lcf and it’s lame lack of facilities’ and a string of other causes like it’s ‘expensive fees coupled with the feeling of not getting enough’. I have however come to terms with this fact and moved on simply because there’s just no point in complaining when the act itself is preventing your progression. Complaining also has a side effect of forcing you to focus on the negative sides of any situation and take it from a seasoned pessimist, this clouds your perspective thus making it hard to see posibilities.

There’s always a cloud of resources hovering above your head but most people will never be able to recognize that it’s there and some will be able to recognize it but will be incapable of accessing it. One quality of these hovering resources which remains constant is that they will always remain hovering. They will never come to you, instead you have to reach out and take them with your own efforts. Another problem that may come with these types of resources is that they may not stay above you but may come and go. You have to be proactive enough to recognize them while they’re there and grab them before they float off and become a rabbit or a banana. 

Whether this lack of proactivity is being caused by holding on to complains which encourage focus an idealised situation or simply because of procastination, one thing’s certain, there’s always opportunities for you if you’re open enough to see them.