Google On Marketing

by jawaraalleyne

The genius that is google. I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with google’s ads, you know the ones that always disturb your videos before they play on youtube… yea, those ones.

Google is one company that understands that the internet is everything , which is expected since google is the internet.

The google marketing campaign is simple. Make tonnes of videos and put them on youtube and television. Their ads are captivating, cute, hilarious and sometimes emotional. Maybe I’m just a sucker, but I could sit and watch chrome ads all day …on the contrary that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Going through an emotional rollercoaster Jess and her dad and that cute baby …DAMN YOU GOOGLE!

The purpose of these ads are simple. To keep google chrome at the forefront of your mind and almost make it a part of your very existance. This I can say have been exectued effetively. I rank it highly on the campaign charts as it’s a constant reel of excitement about their brand.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

Similarly, like google, fashion brands must be able to use the channels where their customers are frequenting. This is what Alexander Wang did when he shot an ad campaign for his Spring 2013 collection. Using famed comedian character ‘Bon Qui Qui” who rose to fame from her spoof on MAD TV.

Many brands understand the importance of the internet age and are formatting their campaigns to encompass this medium. What are some interesting brand campaigns that stood out to you?