Analysis: Marketing Campaign

by jawaraalleyne

What is a marketing campaign and what differentiates the awesome effective ones from the ones that crash and burn?

Before I could actually decipher what makes or breaks a marketing campaign I have to put the term into context. What exactly is a marketing campaign? I almost get the feeling that this term is quite ambiguous depending on the way you view marketing. Since the world is changing and technology with is, the meaning of a marketing campaign I feel have broadened to encompass more than just on screen and print marketing. Developements without a doubt mean that campaigns are more than just advertisement.

According to this snazzy small business definitions website called, a marketing campaign is ‘a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods.’ Therefore, a marketing campaign could literally be anything  used to market a product. Cool.

The most effective campaigns are the ones which recognize the change in marketing channels and exploit them in order to touch consumers, both existing and new.

I asked a few friends what they thought constitutes a good marketing campaign and some of the answers I got were:

– proper distribution to your target audience

– one in which your sales increase

– one that engages you and makes you think

– ensures that your intended message is communicated effectively and interpreted correctly

– increases targeted traffic

– one which strengthens your brand

– has a cat in it (or catbug I’d want him in my campaign any day)

I’m not an expert on marketing (yet) but I feel like all marketing campaigns are relative to the purpose the company intends. Therefore, the success of a campaign would be relative to the purpose intended.

No campaign has a recipe for success simply because all the ingredients and the desired outcome of each brand differ. What works for one may not work for the other.  The succes of a campaign would end up depending on the creative heads behind it.