Analysis: Oxford Circus

by jawaraalleyne

London. The city that never fails to impress with it’s extensive amounts of things to do all day every day. The cosmopolitan city of fashion. But also the city where adventure is in abundance but might be hidden (almost like platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter).  Awesome things will stare you right in the face and you wouldn’t even notice they were there.

Being new to a city comes with it’s pro’s and con’s. It’s good to get out and go exploring, but also good to know where key places are when you need to get something done.

When it comes to fashion, London would not be the leader of fashion innovation it is without it’s central shopping and fashion ‘nucleus’ so to speak. Oxford Circus is the centre of high street fashion in london with plenty to do and see surrounding the area. It’s like your one stop shop… but in street form.

Conveniently for me my university (London College of Fashion) is located in the center of it all and needless to say I’ve been exploring. The major places of interest which are pretty much compulsory for everyone to see are: Oxford Street, Regents Street, Bond Street, Carnaby Street and Soho.

Oxford Street/ Regents Street/ Bond Street:

A.K.A. ‘The high street’ is harmoniously occupied by the top british retail brands and has a number of flagship stores like Nike, H&M and TopShop. On Regent’s street is the ever famous Apple store which is vital information to know if you are an apple fanatic. On Bond street you can find an array of high end fashion retailers such as Browns and the infamous Selfridges as well as a number of department stores.

Carnaby Street and Soho:

The destination for food, pubs and general hipster hangout spots. This area has a heavy denim and sportswear culture and is a hotspot for street style spotting.

Ps.You can not walk through Carnaby without trying the Avacado burger from Kua Aina with sweet potato fries… even as I write this post my mouth is still watering for the succulent…

and their pancakes will make you commit suicide simply because you can’t roll in it’s glory.

The Oxford Circus and Carnaby street area is a good area for trend spotting. On a recent stroll through the area, it was clearly evident that plaids and checkered prints were trending. What trends have you spotted in and around this area?