Using My Psychic Abilities Wisely

by jawaraalleyne

Gypsies, Palm Readers, Psychics, Clairvoyants, Telepathic, Oracle, Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter, Crazy, call them what you will but prediction services are a very important aspect of the fashion business.

Being able to “look into the future” and predict what people will be wearing and what trends will be prevalent may seem like the acts of a crazy con artist but trend prediction can actually be quite scientific and is based more on logic (not just the predictors psychic abilities).

Because the lead time for the production of fashion is so long, it’s important for people in the industry to know what people will want to buy and wear six months (or more) in advance, and getting this information right is very crucial for everyone within the production cycle. From the fabric mills to designers to fashion buyers.

Trends don’t always come directly in the form of fashion and trend hunting companies must ensure they understand how environmental factors can affect the clothing industry.

Li Edelkoort, mastermind of the Trend Union says that people often thing she’s a mystic or gypsy, but all she does is pay attention. To things such as changed within the architectural and art environment. But things outside of fashion which may affect it as well such history and the psychology of consumers on a sociological spectrum.

The Paris SS 14 shows have just ended and i’ve been presented with the task of analysing the trends and a few key designers whose collection must be viewed by the eyes of every man woman and child out there.

Four designers whose collections I think should definitely be viewed are Vionnet, Sacai, Roksanda Ilinčić and Manish Arora.


The french house that introduced the bias cut to the world of design construction is known for their grecian style designs, but a revamp of the brand image by creative director Goga Ashkenazi has earned this house mixed reviews.

An essence of powder could be felt at the show as the models revealed the SS 14 silhouettes and colours. Soft powdery blues and lavender were in abundance which blended into darker blues and blacks.  Then a reveal of soft yellow and white which ran into sheer gold and cream. The fabrics were a mixture of cottons, tulles, jersey and organzas with tulle wrapped Obi belts around boyfriend type shirt-dresses.

The collection felt quite corporate but cool and elegant.


Japanese brand Sacai showcases in Paris and it was evident that they picked up on the same trends of bright colours that Vionnet picked up on, but instead of taming the colours down and going the pale route, they chose to make them as strong as they could get them. Bright highlighter type pink, orange and reds, emerald greens, electric coral  and blues faded into black could be seen on their laser cut satin and silks.

We also saw a disregard of the waistline, oversized trousers, loose fitting, extra long tops, layering, excess fabrics of light chiffon and wool dresses. Striped boyfriend tops could also be seen.

Roksanda Ilinčić:

Serbian fashion designer Roksanda Ilinčić is known for her elegant day and evening dresses which are loved by clients such as Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow , Emilie Blunt and Kate Middleton.

This season she blessed us with a very creamy ice cream-like colour palette that made my mouth water. She created beautifully classic looks out of creamy neon yellows, pale red-orange, purple and black (though I can’t imagine a black ice cream but I think you get the drift).

Geometric prints, laser cuts, fabric cut and sewn to create stripes, embellished flowers, pleats and lace were placed with the silk, satin and thin syrup like neoprene creations. Dropped shouldered jackets were paired with long dresses, cigarette trousers and flared maxi skirts.

Manish Arora:

Not unknown to many in the world of gorgeous eccentric fashion (think Perry and Minaj), Manish Arora has taken inspiration from the 20’s and burped up this lovely, lively and luminous collection. Not one to ever back down from being as colourful and innovative as ever which can be credited to his indian background.

This season we saw a plethora of beautifully powdered colours, yellow, blue, purple and pinks. Interestingly enough, he also infused within those paler colour with the more recognisable and vivid Manish Arora colours that one is used to.

Intricate beadings, patterns and geometrics which reminded me of el dorado… if it was in the middle of las vegas…okay, maybe it’s not very much like the city of gold, but you can’t say that the patterns don’t remind you of some ancient temple in Peru.

The silhouettes at this show took a spin at the 20’s flapper dress. Low waist lines and dresses that were slim fitting but not body hugging were presented.

So what’s trending in Paris for the SS shows? 

After my ‘in depth’ analysis of the SS show’s presented by these 4 brands, it’s evident that a few trends are sticking out like a sore thumb.

– Colour! Bright neon creamy and powdery colours will be seen strutting the high streets. Especially yellow.

– Pleats

– Boyfriend shirts,painted prints, stripes, embellishments?

– Dropped shoulders and elbow length sleeve tops

– Cigarette trousers

– Geometric and tribal prints and Stripes

– Diagonal cuts towards the waist and away out (Hourglass)

– Medical/ Scrub trend

– Sheer maxi skirts full length sheer/mesh skirts over solid short skirts/shorts

– Spaghetti straps and halter tops 90s influence

– Collared dresses

– Sports luxe, Increasing menswear and sports trends for women

and that my friends, was my attempt at analysing the Paris trends and predicting the future.