Q & A With a Superhero

by jawaraalleyne

So much has happened within the past few months. My inauguration into the eyes of Vogue officials, my moving from student accommodations (yuck) to a big man house (hip hip hooray), the destruction of my iphone and the crippling of my technological frontier (hence the reason for my eery disappearance from the net).

Another biggie that has taken place in the life and times of Jawara Alleyne was the beginning of my second year at LCF. It usually takes a lot to get me excited… like a lot… and this has proven to be just such. I’m not excited at all. Simply because I know that the year is going to just disappear into a whiff of thin air leaving me with just one year left in school… I  love school :(.

One of my first projects will be looking into brand development, my absolute fave! As a side note can I just say that this teacher already seems like a superhero in disguise? Her aura just beckons to mine and meets with a good ol’ Jamaican bumping of the fist and a nod of respect (and I’m not just saying that because she’s going to read this post).


In my first class with her we had to answer three questions which actually got me thinking on a serious note.

Here are my three Q’s and A’s:

Q: List three companies you would like to work for and explain why you chose them.

Lanvin. Alber Elbaz is probably the most sincere person living on this planet at the moment. Being able to work under him would teach me so much about passion and loving the female body. His never ending love for class and femininity whispers my name daily.


Pedro Lourenco. This kid has achieved one of my lifelong dreams of becoming an established designer and showing in one of the fashion capitals at an almost teenage age. Thinking about him just makes me feel like such a failure 😦 Boo for you Lourenco. I’d love to work for him because I think he knows a lot about the industry. Things I also need to learn in order to become a success.  His company is also fairly young and is growing and I’d love to be able to see how he develops that on the inside and see the growth happening from the core instead of the shell.


Dion Lee. I think it goes without say that this guy is a genius. His brain is one that I would gobble up in a second. Mr Lee is an inspiration to my soul. After winning the International Woolmark Prize I’ve been eyeing this young star who reminds me so much of myself.  I get this weird feeling that his thought process and his ideologies are somewhat similar to my own. I’d love to be able to lay his brain on a table and dissect it to see the colourful juices flowing out… or the next best thing to work for him and learn from this master in the making.


Q: List 3 places you’sd like to live and explain why.


I’m from the Caribbean and though I must confess that my relationship with the sun has been… sticky (we both hate each other, long story), it seems that the tropics are simply beckoning to me.  Australia and Brazil are two places that I think I would absolutely love to live, not because of the beautifully horrific weather but because of the booming fashion scene on the edge of both those countries. Having said that, I only just noticed that the designers I chose to work for correspond with the countries I’d like to live in. Lee from Australia, Lourenco from Brazil and Elbaz running Paris. Is this fate or sheer coincidence? Time will tell.

Ps. I’m also a Capoeirista so brazil has always been a dream of mine… Summer 2014 here I come! (I wish).

Q: 5 Years from now where do you see yourself?
A: I’m really bad with measuring time but I do believe that 5 years from now I would like to have been working for a designer saving up every single penny in order to start my own company. Track me and see if I’ll get here. *wink*