Create Quality Content

by jawaraalleyne

It’s 6:30 in the morning and my desire to sleep has been overridden by the fact that it’s as bright as day outside. No sleep for the wicked as I shall be ploughing on with work.

So much has happened within the past few weeks. So much i’ve learnt and so much to write about. But why have I not written about it?

Quality over quantity. I’ve made the decision to not write blog posts  simply to get more content onto my blog, but only to write when I can express myself through words effectively and when I have the time to create a thoughtful and focused post. Writing is like baking a cake. You can have all the ingredients right, and you can put it all in but if you don’t give it the time it needs to develop then the end result will be something flat and sometimes wasted (<- corny but true).

I have been attending a series of lectures and seminars, one of which was focusing on building an audience. The speaker touched on some very important points and stressed that it’s extremely important when blogging to create quality content. It’s a huge misconception that in order to start a successful blog you have to go in guns ablazing to try and get as much traffic as quickly as possible and the way to do that is to keep posting.

This concept should be thrown out the window as you almost want to have that time by yourself with just you and your blog, to slowly develop a good blog and make it into what you want it to be before you give it to the public so that when your traffic comes, they will be greeted with quality work and be inspired to ‘come again‘.

I’ve decided to not think so much on the footprints of the people walking on my page because the purpose of this blog is more of a reflection than a display. By doing this, I hope to create more thoughtful posts from now on.