Storm Clouds Hovering

by jawaraalleyne


I haven’t neglected my blog…HONEST!

Don’t give me that look… 

Don’t look at me like you’ve never had computer troubles, because I know you have. It’s like these things are designed to break, the hard drive failure was no fault of mine. I have proof, once when I eavesdropped on my mother, she was telling all her friends that I’m high maintenance but I take care of my things (ps. I’m not high maintenance, she’s just silly).

Okay, that might not have justified that I didn’t break it, but I really didn’t.

By now you should have guessed that my computer crashed and just like the 12 other times when my computer crashed, I lost everything. All my research I did over the Easter (Spring) break about social media which I was going to post here.

It’s devastating really, but I’m back and I guess I just have to keep on keeping on, though it seems that storm clouds just follow me wherever I go. Really annoying because though I love the rain I don’t always appreciate being drizzled on. 

Time to play in the rain, I’ll let you know how it goes.