Busy as a Bee!

by jawaraalleyne

So…If you come here regularly to see what I’ve been up to, you might have realised that I haven’t posted any new updates recently…not to fret I have no died…just yet (but by the end of this semester, I might be faced with a whopping funeral bill).

With less than tree weeks left in this semester, and tonnes of work to be done, I’ve found myself slipping into the depressing state of “gotta move, gotta get it done”. Just the way I like it.

After I write this post, I will return to completing my marketing report.

Ps. As I know that theres probably no one out there who comes to this blog regularly to see what I’m up to, I’m happy with just making this a mental record of how busy I was just weeks to the completion of my second semester.

Pss. Whoever the artist to the picture hovering up above has depicted me at this moment in time perfectly.

Psss. More bees that are busy taking over the world… http://beesbeesbees.com