Model Perspective

by jawaraalleyne




Jawara Alleyne is back in the fashion show (bizz) but with a slightly different role than what i’m used to.

I’ve been involved with fashion shows since I was 16 and being a person who took an extreme displeasure in parties, sports and any type of social event which would consist of me having to interact with another person, fashion shows served as my means of communication to the outside world. It was my social event and an adrenaline pumper.

I got such a thrill out of being backstage solving and containing problems while avoiding a chaotic fashion crisis backstage. If there isn’t some aspect of running from one side of the room to the next or shouting audible instructions over the sound of music, then I would stamp the show as boring.

This is probably why I could never enjoy sitting and watching my own fashion show. As electrifying as front house may be, I love the thrill of backstage and being able to make final touches before the models enter the runway.

My last show in the Cayman Islands before I left for London College of Fashion was actually my first opportunity to see my own clothes on the runway and as exciting as it was, I would gladly give up my front row seat for a backstage pass.

When I was asked to walk in the Middlesex University fashion show, the answer was an instant yes. The opportunity to revisit some of the nostalgic excitement of growing up backstage would and could not be missed if I had the chance. Though I was taken aback at the fact that anyone would want this hideous face to walk for them, I agreed. Who am I to complain? I finally got the change to familiarise myself with another backstage plan, and that alone was enough to shut me up.

The day of the show came in a jiffy and I woke up bright & early and got ready for my 5 hour journey to Middlesex University.

(The journey wasn’t actually 5 hours, but thats what it feels like when your traveling all the way to zone 3 at the crack of dawn).

Today, I was a model and got to experience backstage from a model’s perspective. Somehow, this insight from a model’s eye will aid me in dominating the fashion industry…I just haven’t figured out how yet, but until then I’ll be in this corner trying to get my curly hair to go slick.