Lucky Chucky and a trip to Soho

by jawaraalleyne








That’s how many alarms it took me to get up on Wednesday morning to get to LCF for my 10:00 lecture. I was still half hour late because it takes an hour to get there.

My roommate must be sick of me.

Though I realised I would be late, I still trekked my way off to uni cringing of the thought of stepping into my lecture late. One of my biggest pet peeves. I get to the door of the lecture hall and stand in front of it, nervous at the thought of disturbing the lecture to ‘quietly’ locate a seat (you can only be so quiet in an already dead silent room). Luckily I took a moment to revise my silent plot to enter this room as discretely as possible because I was then saved by the bell… literally.

I was knocked out of my socks (figuratively) with the fire alarm screaming in my ear and the security guard charging around the corner yelling “get out of the building, this is not a drill!”. I breathed a sad sigh of relief as I hoped no one was being burnt alive and darted for the exit. Although, I say darted, but it was more of a stroll as I was waiting on my class to exit the building, not my smartest decision, but I did just get the socks knocked off me, so I am expected to be a bit frazzled and confused, don’t judge me).

They seemed to like the idea of being trapped in a burning building, so reluctantly I left them behind and awaited instructions from outside the building.

“Come back in an hour and a half ” they said, but then it dawned on me that the last time this happened, they said the same thing, and an hour and half changed to an entire day. So I decided to use my day productively, by doing the most british thing known to man… I took a tea break.

Out of that seemingly unproductive tea break, came a trip to Soho’s fabric shops and a few hours later I’ve got a bag of fabric on my way to making a shirt. Some extra practice for the John Lewin project next semester where we’ll have to make an entire collection. We aren’t scheduled to sew nearly enough, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t go ahead and do it anyway.

The second I realised I was late, I completely wrote the day off to be an unproductive day that nothing good would come out of, but without even thinking about it, and sitting here writing this post, I only just realised that today was actually very productive.

At the time, my choice to go for tea was just what I needed to unravel, then rewrap myself around what needed to be done, realigning myself then working towards it.

Today was a perfect example of not being afraid to step back and chill out for two seconds then repositioning yourself. A lesson I definitely needed to learn as I’m always trying to keep charging ahead, but that can sometimes prove unproductive.