Being Fearless is Being Honest

by jawaraalleyne

Cameron Russell, model who has walked in shows such as Victoria Secret, Chanel and Louis Vuitton featured in advertising campaigns for companies such as Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein  and appeared on magazines like American, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese Vogue, W and Numero. Below she tells the truth about what it is to be a model and how powerful our projections of image are.


I’m in love with the fact that she is a person who’s able to understand the realities of the industry she works in and is empowered enough to speak about it instead of ignoring it. It’s profound to think that what she’s saying isn’t even ground breaking, but the fact that she decided to say it is enough to get her coverage.

In her interview for Australia Vogue, she states that: “Afterwards I was invited to speak on CNN and written up in Jezebel and Huffington Post, among others. I didn’t say anything groundbreaking. I haven’t done the profoundly impactful work many TED speakers have”. Jezebel also published a post recently which tackled one of the issues that Cameron brought up which is diversity.

Her talk is definitely food for though, and brings rise to so many different sub topics that can be discussed within the modelling industry. As cameron did, i’ll leave you with one takeaway and that is though image is powerful, it’s superficial.