Silence and Selfridges

by jawaraalleyne


How can you not love it? The peace and tranquillity of being able to teleport to a land of nothingness is one of the greatest feelings known to man, yet terribly understated. I’m in love with things that are otherworldly and ethereal, and gravitate towards the things on earth that will create that feeling. The power of silence and the importance it plays is often overlooked in a bustling society of fast paced fashion and businessmen and women with places to go and people to see. By blocking out the noise of the outside world by plugging themselves up to the noise of their choice, this creates the feeling of getting away from the hustle and bustle, but actually, only transports you to another level of commotion that is preferred.

People are afraid of silence. Partly because in an extroverted society silence (which is an introverted action), is viewed as boring, dreary, downright intimidating and is even associated with neglect. This is understandable for people whose happiness comes from outward expressions, but what about the people whose happiness comes from within? People like myself who can see the importance of silence. People who like to take walks by themselves to hear themselves think. It was one of these walks that inspired this post. While taking a walk down Oxford Street in London, I was inspired by mega retail brand Selfridges and their window displays, which is currently promoting silence and the lack of ‘noise’.

According to the evening standard, Mr Selfridge  (founder of Selfridges) was a man like myself, a man who could understand the importance of silence. Mr Selfridge installed a ‘Silence Room’ on the fourth floor in Selfridges in 1909 as a quiet area for husbands to relax while their wives shopped. This was an excellent business and marketing tactic, as it kept customers in store for longer, and added to the overall shopping experience.

Between January and February Selfridges is running a No Noise campaign which places emphasis on the importance of relaxation through silence, and not being bombarded with marketing logos and colourful billboards.

The campaign is headlined with the resurrection of the Silence Room, which is located on the lower ground of Selfridges. In order to enter the room, customers will hand over their hand-held devices and shoes.

I would tell you that this is an excellent idea and that once your in the room for what would seem like forever you had the best experience sitting by yourself, but really there’s only one way to find out and that’s to experience it for yourself.