The Orbit of Fashion

by jawaraalleyne

The smell of newness that’s associated with back to school is usually sniffed around September, when summer is over and everyone wants to be decked out from head to toe in ‘newness’ and updates to their wardrobes. For a fashion student the time for updates is always now.

We live, operate and study and learn in a distinctive society that sits on a constant cycle of creative innovation and change. The orbit of fashion: where every back to school is just as significant for style as the ‘September issue’. Where fashion lovers get bored of their current wardrobes quicker than normal, and must get that desired update. What better time to update than SALE time!? Everyone loves a good sale especially when you’re a student trying to get more for your dollar/pound.

Shopping in a sale can prove detrimental to your pockets as you often buy items because they’re cheap, and not because you actually like them. Which is how ladies like my dear mother end up with tonnes of items that they just don’t wear.

I’ve become very selective with what I buy mainly because products fail to excite me as it once did when I saw it on the mannequin. I’m in the process of changing my look and it’s hard to find what I’m looking for at an affordable price. That’s mainly because the look I’m going for costs more than my current laid back and comfortable style. I’m beginning to view myself more as a fashion entrepreneur and artist and have been trying to jump off my current bridge of a relaxed look, so I can feel like I’m at work and not chilling out.

Today was a good day for shopping as one of my favourite stores (Zara) had a sale! Now if you know anything about Zara, it’s that they don’t have sales very often, but having gone through the Christmas season, it was inevitable as everyone expects the regular Boxing Day sales. Usually I wouldn’t be able to afford the things I liked in their stores, as I’m a pauper, but not today! Though I only purchased three items (shoe, hat, tie), I feel like my wardrobe has had an instant facelift and I’ll be looking more like a businessman in the days to come.