Who am I to judge…

by jawaraalleyne

I’d like to think I’m an average Joe: that there’s nothing special about me; that I can blend into the crowd and go unnoticed if I so desire; that I’m no different from Tom, Dick, or Harry. I’d love to just fade into the background, but it doesn’t work that way in the fashion industry. In this industry, if you want to be successful you have to stand out and be noticed.

The problem here is emblematic of a much bigger issue. We all tend to gravitate to the loud exterior without consideration for the much deeper and truer reality underneath. My greatest desire, and my wish for us all, is that we can look past the facade and see the deeper and truer souls that lay behind them, their emotions and thoughts. But that poses a bigger problem: how do you know what’s going on inside someone? We could look straight into their soul or read their minds, but not many people can do that (and by not many I do mean none).

It’s fairly impossible to know someone for who they really are by first glance. If you were Sherlock Holmes, you might have used the science of deduction and make very educated guesses, which is awesome, but you can’t do that. (Your brain is far too tiny, and Sherlock Holmes is only half human).

So we come to a conclusion that we cannot tell what’s going on inside someone’s head by simply looking at them, and we should not judge them by their outward appearance. Logic would then suggest that we should not judge them at all, but that would only be in the ideal world I’ve created in my head. Am I expecting the impossible? It’s quite possible, but you be the judge…