Channeling Emotions

by jawaraalleyne

Emotions. Such annoying things that can get in the way of work and make life so complicated, but can also make it interesting and has fuelled the most esteemed artists to create works of art that have gone down in history.  I for one dislike emotions, they make everything cloudy and get in the way of what i’m trying to do yet, I find myself with a desire to master the use of them. We share a love hate relationship where simply, I want them when they’re necessary and would love to dismiss them when they’re not. But I can’t have my cake and eat it.

I need to learn how to channel all my emotions into my work. My colleagues, friends and classmates have no problem with doing this. Take my friend Fred for example. Illustrator studying at Camberwell College of Arts. Recently he’s been working on a series of illustrations where he just sits on the floor and start putting lines to paper, not knowing what will emerge at the end of his controlled and purposeful doodling. Just letting his emotions lead his line plotting technique and when he feels like he’s done, he steps back and he’s created a work of art that invokes thought.

I find it a bit difficult to channel my emotion into fashion design in such a way, perhaps because I have such an active business background that my creative zest is being outshone. If so, HELP ME!

Some might say that designers have a different process where we collect emotion and channel them through the things we are inspired by, this is also true but I want to know how it feels to cut out the middle man, and go straight from emotion to creation. Will that ever be possible… What do you think?