Working on Communication in Luton

by jawaraalleyne

It’s been about two weeks since my first semester ended at London College of Fashion, after having already grilled myself through the Q&A session finishing a major project. I found myself pondering; ‘did I do enough’? and ‘could I have done anything better’? Being the person I am, the answer will almost always be, ‘no I didn’t’ and ‘yes I could have’. I’ve managed to come to terms with the fact that regardless of what the answers are, nothing can change what has already been done. It’s time to move on to personal improvement, refining my brand’s communication strategies and putting what i’ve learnt in my lectures to good use. In order to ensure that my brand is communicating effectively with the world wide community, I need to do some research on the strengths and weaknesses of each internet platform I operate on and align them with the best types of communication that will ensure i’m using the platform to it’s full potential.

I’m aiming to have this completed over this joyous season that is being spent with my friend and his family in Luton. His parents are so awesome, last night as soon as we finished eating dinner (which I raise my hat to the chef), his mother popped out some table tennis equipment and starts launching balls all over the dinner table. Though my time here will definitely be filled with fun, i’ll also be doing a lot of cognitive work, because quite simply put the thinking never stops.

It’s important to know the importance of never quitting and always working towards your goal. I hate to sound cliche, but that’s the only way to get anywhere in any society. Growing up, I’ve always lived by the phrase ‘Never Stop Attacking’ and at this very moment, at 5:30 in the morning, I’m doing just that.