by jawaraalleyne

Hello world! My name is Jawara Alleyne, fashion designer currently studying at London College of Fashion. I’ve been developing myself as a fashion designer ever since I was about knee high (on a relatively tall person), and am still developing and learning new things on a daily basis.

I started this blog because I wanted to find a way to communicate what I am about, and what the company I want to build will be about. Here I will be posting my experiences within the fashion industry and the thing’s i’ve learnt both for fashion and general life lessons. Here, you will get an inside and detailed view of what I had to do to turn my brand into a success, or where I fell short and missed the mark.

I will also be posting any decisions i’ve made to enhance my brand and tell you why i’ve done so. The fashion industry is not as pretty as some might think and I would like to give a true portrayal of what it’s like for me. Very often you see end products in stores or on the runway, but you have no idea how much work had to be put in to get a company from point A to point B. Here you will find out just how that happens…eventually.

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Thanks for coming! 🙂